Certified Technicians

Our People

Through our people, Defender Supply has established itself as a respected and progressive group in a very competitive industry. We have proved through the years that it is possible to combine a personal touch sales effort with a quality driven installation that concludes with the ultimate goal of complete customer satisfaction. Our technicians are all either EVT Certified or are in the process of working towards certification.  Each technician takes complete aesthetic and technical ownership of their builds. We understand the importance of building tools for the law enforcement profession. You’ve got a job to do, and our technicians are here to help you do more safely and reliably.


The quality of our installation begins well before the technician starts the build. We continually review the build beginning with the first contact with the customer to make sure that the unit is to the customer’s exact specifications, that the equipment is designed to fit the vehicle itself, and that all the items will function with one another before any work is performed.  Once the up-fit is complete, the technician signs off on the work order and then the up-fit is reviewed and signed off on by a QA director (a group of people that we have designated as having the experience necessary to ensure the vehicle is built per the specifications of the work order and with quality above expectations).

Quality Control

Quality Control is extremely important and is a primary avenue for growing our business.  We have found that word of mouth in the public safety industry is very powerful and that our customers are passionate about their vehicles and the equipment installed in them.  In the rare instance an issue arises with the work we have completed on a vehicle, the technician who installed the equipment in the vehicle is responsible for the warranty of their work, hence increasing their interest in getting the vehicle up-fit right the first time, every time.  We take the warranty of our work very seriously and do everything in our power to quickly solve any issues with our work before it leaves our facility.