Ford Police Cars

Ford police vehicles have set the gold standard for years, and their new Police Interceptor line does not disappoint. The Ford Interceptor Sedan is an efficient high-mileage police vehicle with impressive performance, while the Ford Interceptor Utility takes that performance and adds SUV-class cargo capacity. Finally, the Ford Defender F-150 SSV offers the rugged durability and hauling power that only a vehicle built on the F-150 Super Crew chassis could.

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Download Ford’s official 2014 Police Interceptor and Special Service Vehicle brochure here for detailed information.

Ford Defender Sedan Interceptor

The Ford Police Interceptor Sedan is built on 60 years of research and development with law enforcement professionals. The latest evolution of Ford police cars has taken everything into consideration – from intelligently powering and storing electronics to protecting chassis components.
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Ford Defender Utility Interceptor

The Ford Police Interceptor Utility takes the Sedan’s pursuit-rated performance and adds special interior and cargo capabilities including K9 kennels and equipment lockers. If you need no compromises, you need a Ford Police Interceptor Utility vehicle.
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Ford Defender F-150 SSV

For unmatched durability, cargo and towing capacity, and special equipment systems, look no further! The Ford Defender F-150 Special Service Vehicle bundles the best of all worlds into one surprisingly affordable package built on the award-winning F-150 Super Crew chassis.
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