Company Profile

Defender Supply is the one stop shop for Law Enforcement Ready-to-Roll vehicle packages. We’ve got what it takes to be your preferred parts supplier and up-fit facility. We are Master Distributors for all major emergency equipment manufacturers, allowing us to meet your needs and maximize your budget.

All police vehicle equipment installations are provided by our Certified Master Technicians, ensuring worry-free operation. For your convenience, we have listed Ready-To-Roll packages for some of our most popular law enforcement vehicle configurations. Our easy to use system allows you to take delivery of a vehicle, insert the key, and hit the streets. Every package can be altered and customized to fit your department’s specific needs including radios, graphics, and paint schemes. It’s simple: regardless of your needs, we can do it.

Defender Supply’s mission is to help law enforcement and public safety agencies reach their maximum potential by providing the highest quality turnkey police vehicle packages and police equipment. We pride ourselves on competitive pricing, one stop shop convenience, and best in class customer service. We don’t care about being the biggest. We care about being the best.

Meet Our Team



Eric co-founded Defender Supply in 2010. Eric’s background in Operations, Supply Chain Management, and eCommerce has enabled our successful entry into three distinct vertical markets. His commitment to best-in-class quality and unmatched customer service has driven Defender Supply to a leading position in the public safety industry. Under his leadership, the story of Defender Supply continues to be one of success, innovation, and above all, of satisfied customers. He has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and an M.S. in Management Information Systems.


Bryan Brooks


In 2006 Bryan joined the dealership group directly from managing director of a steel fabrication company specializing in the design and development of specialized parts with unique applications. Law enforcement vehicles and up-fit quickly became the direction of the group. Under Bryan’s leadership this group experienced great growth and became Defender Supply in 2010. Bryan is a firm believer in integrity, quality and complete customer satisfaction.



Sales Consultant

Mike Hewitt has been in the law enforcement supply industry since 2001 and is an expert on Emergency Vehicle Warning products, Emergency Vehicle Lighting and Audible Equipment, and Emergency and Fleet Vehicle Sales. He previously worked in the reprographics industry at Xerox Corporation and served in the military for eight years. His sales and military background have made Mike a valuable asset to Defender Supply.



Sales Consultant

George has been an active police officer for over 22 years and has won several awards over the years including a Life Saving Award, Above and Beyond the Call of Duty, a Letter of Merit for outstanding service and commitment to duty, and Officer of the Year. When not working at Defender Supply, he continues to serve as a police officer.



Sales Consultant

Matt Knight managed one of the top 100 Ford dealerships in America and received Ford’s ONE Award for the top 1% of managers in customer service as well as the President Award for sales, service, and customer service. He comes to Defender Supply with an extensive background in the automobile and motorcycle industries. He has a B.S. in Business Management from the University of North Texas.