What you need, the way you need it.

Through our partnership with respected local dealerships, such as Holiday Chevrolet, Holiday Ford and DFW Honda, we maintain a complete inventory of law enforcement vehicles and motorcycles for all of your vehicle needs, from the manufacturers you trust. Defender Supply also maintains relationships with various Dodge dealerships, which enables us to assist your agency with purchasing law enforcement vehicles offered by their line.

With our wide range of inventory, in addition to the established relationships with other manufacturers, Defender Supply can provide your agency with all of your emergency vehicle needs, and provide the assurance of quality and consistency, across your entire fleet. We always take into consideration the budget of your department or agency when presenting you with vehicle options. Regardless of the make or model of your law enforcement vehicles, Defender Supply can carry out the installation of emergency equipment at our secure and certified facility, staffed with master technicians. All of our vehicles and services are guaranteed to meet your needs, from our in-house installations, until you hit the pavement rolling.

We understand there are certain restraints placed upon agencies that would require the purchase of vehicles from particular dealerships or to recycle existing or pre-owned units. In these cases, we will still provide you with the same level of quality and consistency your agency requires, regardless of where the vehicle originates.

The bottom line is, you are the customer, and we are here to provide your department and agency with a valued service seldom found in the competitive law enforcement vehicle industry. We will strive to provide you with the services and vehicles you require, exactly the way you need it. We believe in customer service the old fashioned way. Which makes your way, the Defender Supply way!

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Bottom line, you’re the customer and we are here to provide you with a service seldom found in this industry. We will perform in any role to get you exactly what you need, the way you need it. Customer service the old fashion way. The Defender Supply way is your way.