LD-1 Armored ATV

Learn more about the pathway to safer tactical capabilities both inside and outside buildings with the LD-1

LD-1 Armored ATV from TC Burton

NIJ III Material

(up to 7.62×51 rounds)

360 degree

Ballistic Protection for Operator

UL-5  rated glass

(multi-shot, AR-15/AK-47 rounds)

120″ of Cover

for Additional Personnel with Doors Open

In the ever-changing environment of law enforcement and tactical operations, modern tools are needed to protect the lives of officers and ensure mission success. With the LD-1 armor package for Polaris Sportsman 850 ATVs, Defender Supply is able provide 360-degree ballistic protection and off-road mobility. Contact Us to get started!



  • NIJ III capable material (up to 7.62×51 rounds)
  • UL-5  rated glass (multi-shot, AR-15/AK-47 rounds)
  • 360 degree ballistic protection for operator
  • Up to 120″ of cover for additional personnel with doors open
  • NIJ 0108.01 Compliant
  • Kit not permanently affixed to the ATV; can be removed or replaced.
  • Fits Polaris Sportsman 850 and 850 Premium ATVs
  • Maintains essential speed and maneuverability
  • Deployable in tight indoor spaces
  • Capable in all outdoor terrain and weather
  • Designed to ROP standards


  • Police & SWAT
  • Department of Corrections
  • Border Patrol & Homeland Security
  • Department of Natural Resources
  • Private Safety & Security Groups
  • Military, War Fighter


  • Deploy officers and equipment into structures through double/overhead doors.
  • Clear buildings and corridors safely and efficiently.
  • High speed perimeter coverage
  • Protected transport of supplies, equipment, or injured individuals.
  • Offer ballistic protection in hard-to-reach areas where larger vehicles can’t go.


  • High tensile laser cut steel exoskeleton treated with industrial grade powdercoat paint (multiple colors available).
  • Lightweight ballistic panels and ballistic glass are individually replaceable.
  • Easily installed or removed in 3 modules or as a complete assembly.
  • The kit fits onto the Polaris 850 ATV as the “host vehicle”.
  • Shown here with optional accessories: Michelin X Tweels, MOLLE panel, and T-bar with rear hand straps.


Fill out the form below to get more information about the LD-1 capabilities, pricing, available training programs, and grant opportunities. Our LD-1 Specialist will contact you shortly to assist you.



    At Defender Supply, we can provide a fully upfitted LD-1 and transport trailer that features:

    • Polaris Sportsman 850 Premium EPS ATV with factory-installed winch and suspension upgrade
    • LD-1 Standard Base Unit with two NIJ IIIA-rated Ballistic Door Extensions
    • Custom Frame Color
    • Michelin X-Tweel with hub dust covers
    • Two MOLLE Panel Sets
    • Fire Suppresion System with Tactical Mount
    • T-Bar and Rear Hand Straps
    • LD-1 Assembly Tool Kit
    • Whelen WPA112 Waterproof Siren
    • Whelen 100 watt Heavy Duty Black Plastic Siren / PA Speaker
    • Whelen Speaker Bracket and lighting brackets
    • Six Whelen Trio Color Linear ION lights
    • Custom Defender Supply wiring harness
    • Two forward-facing Whelen Nano Pioneer 6 LED White Lights
    • Feniex 4200 Mini Controller Waterproof Activation Control Switches
    • BigTex 10ft Utility Trailer with Spare Tire, Fold-down ramp, and Top Wind Trailer Jack
    • 69″ Aluminum Crossover Toolbox
    • Whelen Nano Pioneer 6 LED w/Bail Bracket
    • Tie Down Straps and Floor Mount Tire Stops
    • Defender Supply certified installation

    If your agency needs the Defender LD-1 Armored ATV, there are many financing options available. Contact Stephanie Cates at Government Capital (stephanie.cates@govcap.com) to learn more about financing options for your LD-1 from Defender Supply.