2nd 12V Battery with Dual Circuit Battery Switch mounted in saddle bag

다운로드 2nd 12V Battery with Dual Circuit Battery Switch mounted in saddle bag.  Dual battery will allow the officer to utilize the second battery to start the engine if factory battery has been run out of charge at a traffic stop of other use.  Package includes professional installtion of:
  • Additional YTZ-14S high performance battery
  • Battery mounting kit
  • Dual circuit battery switch
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Standard Siren and Lighting Package (Includes a Whelen Beta 100-Watt Siren, Whelen SA350M 100 Watt Speaker with Polished Flair, 1 Whelen Dominator 4 Plus, 10 Whelen M4 Series Lightheads, and 4 Whelen LINZ6 Lightheads)

살아남아라 개복치 다운로드 Honda Defender Standard Siren and Lighting Package includes professional installation of the following equipment: 1 – Four Lamp Dominator Plus RBRB 1 – L Bracket Kit for Dominator Plus 8 – M4 Series Linear LED Red / Blue Split 2 – M4 Series Linear LED White 2 – 400 Series Grill Master Housing with 400 Series insert 1 – Whelen 100 Watt Remote Siren 1 – Whelen 100 Watt Motorcycle Speaker with Polish Flair 2 – LINZ6 SPILT LED Red / Blue 2 – LINZ6 LED White Misc 다운로드. Shop Supplies NOTE:  Additional Lighting may be added and installed per customer specifications and light customization can be modified at department request 다운로드.

Digital Alley DV-500 Ultra Digital Video System for Motorcycles and ATVs

The DV-500Ultra is a complete audio/video system utilizing the same advanced technology as Digital Ally’s In-Car Video Systems with no moving parts to be affected by vibration, but specifically designed for harsh weather and environmental conditions encountered by law enforcement motorcycle, ATV, and watercraft officers 마이크로 소프트 윈도우 7 iso. The DV-500Ultra will significantly bolster the ability of these and similar officers to document evidence of criminal activity on a ‘real-time’ basis 다운로드. Versatile and powerful, the DV-500Ultra has been designed for installation in different styles of motorcycles, security carts, ATVs and boats or other watercraft operated by police and sheriff departments, security officers, marine patrol agencies, parks and recreation or fish and game departments, the U.S 크리스마스 이미지 다운로드. Coast Guard, and other law enforcement organizations. It includes many powerful features:
  • Small, compact and durable with multiple mounting options
  • Waterproof controls, monitor and camera
  • Multiple control console and camera options
  • Ultra-bright, sunlight-readable monitor & optional sunshield
  • Rugged, durable and extremely reliable solid state memory
  • Internal battery backup & low power consumption
  • Integrated GPS with “mark” feature
  • Up to 60 seconds of pre-event recording
  • Automatic record triggers
  • Records vehicle & event data along with audio and video evidence
  • Optional Infra-Red, 10x/120x or 35x/350x zoom camera
  • Optional Automatic Wireless Download
  • 900 MHz wireless mic (international 800 MHz available)
  • VideoManager™ management & playback software
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