Stalker DSR2X Radar System

The most advanced and easiest to use Police Traffic Radar just got better. The Stalker 2X is actually two independent radar units operating on a single, 5-window, multi-color display. Features
  • New Dual Zone Mode
  • Direction Sensing Technology
  • Automatic Same-Direction Tracking
  • Stationary Direction Control (Closing, going away, or both)
  • Strongest & Faster Targets Displayed
  • Rear Traffic Warning Feature for Safety
  • Read-Thru Lock
  • Cordless Infrared Remote
  • Compensated True Audio Doppler
  • Digital Antenna Communications
  • Narrow Beam Width Waterproof Ka-Band Antenna
  • Small Detachable Display Unit
  • Software Upgradeable
  • Interfaces with Cameras & Computers
  • 3 Year Full Warranty
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Setina Vertical Dual Weapon Electronic Lock – AR/870

Setina Dual Weapon Electronic Lock installed between the driver and passenger seat and behind the console.


  • One Or Two Weapons Can Be Mounted
  • Designed To Fit Small And Large Gun Locks
  • Electric Gun Locks With Key Lock Override
  • Includes 10 Second Timer With Push Button Switch
  • With Optional Handcuff Key Locks Universal Butt Plate Fits Most Weapons
  • Easy Installation With Center Conduit For Easy Wiring
  • Rugged Powder-Coated Finish

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Tremco Anti-Theft Device

The Tremco Police Package Anti-Theft System has solved the problem of police vehicle theft.

Law enforcement officers are faced with the unique problem of being required to leave their engines running, even when the officer is no longer behind the wheel. With our system, every time the officer shifts into park, it activates the anti-theft system. If an unauthorized person attempts to drive the police vehicle way, they would be unable to pull the shift lever out of the park position. When the officer returns to the vehicle, he simply presses a hidden covert switch while shifting out of park.

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Whelen ION Red/Blue Spilt Head LED’s W/Brackets Mounted on Side of Push Bumper

Whelen IONJ Red/Blue Spilt Head LED’s W/Swivel Mounts or Brackets Mounted on Side of Push Bumper ION is a super-tough, ultra compact LED light that is perfect for mounting anywhere on your vehicle, inside or out. ION shrugs off moisture, salt, chemicals and road vibration while providing added light for off-road vehicles, industrial equipment, motorcycles, utility vehicles, marine and many other heavy-duty application. Compact and versatile enough to mount in any small space on emergency and rescue equipment. ION™ Surface Mount Series Super-LED® Features: •Smallest and most effective Super-LED light on the market. •Available in single or split colors. •Standard and wide-angle light spread models. •Available in Universal or Surface mount. •Universal mount includes combination permanent/pedestal, clip, edge mounts, double sided tape, with a choice of Black or White housings. •Universal mount options include bail/swivel bracket in Black or White, rubber grommet and pedestal mount in Black or White. •Surface mount models include flange. Available in Black, White or Chrome. •Single color models have 25 Scan-Lock™ flash patterns, while split colors offer 69 flash patterns to choose from. •Synchronizable to other Whelen Synch products. •Supplied with 10��™ 4-wire pigtail. •Wide angle surface mount lighthead meets NFPA 1901, KKK1822F requirements. •Five year HDP® Heavy Duty Professional Warranty. Specs: •0.40 amps average at 12.8 VDC. •Meets or exceeds SAEJ595 specifications.  

Whelen Mirror Mounted Super LEDs

Field replaceable Super-LED lightheads in custom molded left and right side housings that fit over your vehicle’s existing mirror glamour caps. About Whelen’s Mirror Beam LED Lighthead… Put added unobstructed warning light where you need it… Forward and at critical intersection angles. Individual models available for: Chevrolet Impala, Caprice, Tahoe, Suburban & Silverado. Ford Taurus, Police Interceptor, Explorer & Utility Police Interceptor. Dodge Charger. FEATURES • Field replaceable ION™ lightheads in custom molded left and right side housings that fit over the vehicle’s existing mirror glamour caps.• Increased traffic clearing ability and intersection safety.• Mid-level safety signals on the outside of the vehicle reduce interior clutter and eliminate safety concerns with air bag restraint systems.• Maximum spread between lightheads profiles vehicle’s width at night and improves vehicle tracking plus distance perception to vehicle.• Unless specified otherwise, mirror beams are for use with remote controlled exterior mirrors only.• Less affected by snow and mud than grille/bumper mounted lighting.• Lenses follow the natural housing angle to your advantage. The direct aiming point is offset, improving immediate intersection visibility.• ION™ Super-LED lightheads are ultra bright, lighting with low amp draw.• Multiple Scan-Lock™ flash patterns, standard.• Rated for 100,000 hours of operation.• Textured black finish on housings, sold in pairs.• Available in red, blue, amber, white and split LED colors.• Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.• U.S. Patent # 6,641,284. Product URL Brochure

4 Corner Concealed Whelen Vertex LED Lights

4 Whelen Vertex Lights installed on 4 corners of your vehicle. NOTE: Lighthead colors chosen at time of vehicle order About Whelen’s Vertex Light… Only 7/8″ in height, this small hemispheric LED lighthead is perfect for most applications where size and intensity are critically important. Self-contained unit using an in-line combination lamp driver/flasher. This new self-contained LED Hideaway requires only a one inch hole in any composite style head light, cornering light or tail light assembly to deliver true wide angle warning to the front, side and rear of your vehicle… without interference to your vehicle computer and warning equipment! Less than 1″ tall, it may also be surface mounted to outside surfaces anywhere on the vehicle! Product URL Brochure

2 Whelen M4 Super LED Mounted to Brush Guard or Push Bumper (1 Red, 1 Blue)

2 Whelen forward facing Whelen M4s mounted to the Push Bumper or Brush Guard of your vehicle. 1 Red and 1 Blue.

About the M4… The only patented Linear-LED ® lightheads designed to stand-up to the harsh environments and standards of the industry while providing top of the line performance!


  • Super-LEDs provide unmatched high intensity warning, low current consumption.
  • Unique lens shape is completely illuminated with patented Linear-LED designed reflector assembly.
  • Lens and reflector are a sealed assembly.
  • Lighthead is designed with mounting screws located outside of the sealed lens/reflector assembly, eliminating water infiltration.
  • Rear gasket insures that the lighthead and optional flange do not make contact with the vehicle’s surface.
  • Multiple Scan-Lock™ flash patterns available with many being California Title XIII compliant. Meets KKK 1822F, NFPA 1901, SAE and EC65 specifications.

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