Jotto/Patriot Space Creator Prisoner Partition for SEDANS – Center Slider Polycarbonate Window w/Recessed Housing

There is one main issue with all partitions…that issue is space. Space for the driver and space for the prisoner. If you design a partition for maximum room for the driver, then you will discover that the available space for a prisoner is quite limited. On the other hand, if the partition is designed so that someone can be arrested and transported…then the driver will not be able to enjoy the full travel of the seat, limiting their comfort. Jotto Desk realized that this problem would affect all agencies and has designed a great solution to a very common problem.

Jotto Desk recognized the unused space readily available behind the front passenger seat and set about to design a partition to take advantage of this space. The Bidirectional Recessed Housing provides for tremendous depth behind the equipment console, allowing for mounting gun racks, printers and other items. It also provides the much needed leg/knee room in order to transport larger prisoners.

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