Simunition: Training for the Real World

Simunition® is the pioneer and world leader in providing military, law enforcement and approved range members with the most realistic and non-lethal force-on-force, short range, simulation training system. Since the late 1980s, military and police officers around the world have placed their trust in Simunition® to deliver realistic training. Professionals whose lives depend on the best training possible know that they can always count on Simunition® FX® marking cartridges and SecuriBlank® cartridges to provide them with the most effective close range, reality-based training system.

Simunition® has raised the bar again by introducing a completely non-toxic Toxfree® primer as an option to all its training rounds. The FX® system is comprised of FX® marking munitions, weapon conversion kits and personal protective equipment. All three essential components are supported by a comprehensive Simunition® Scenario and Safety Certification Training Course.

Defender Supply is a distributor for Simunition® kits, gear, parts, and ammunition for Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska. We also Carry Simunition® in stock ready for shipment.To inquire about sales, quotes, or more information please call us at 903-771-4898.